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Fensterglas schützen

Fensterglas schützen

Scratchless 6500

Protect glass with our liquid foil

Auf Wunsch aus einer Hand: Zu den grossen Stärken gehört die einfache Handhabung unserer Folie. Scratchless wird einfach mit einem Roller auf dem Glas aufgetragen und muss anschließend für etwa 60 Minuten trocknen. Schon besteht ein widerstandsfähiger Schutz gegenüber Funken, Kratzern, Farbe oder Putz.

Nach der Fertigstellung des Projekts entfernen Sie die Folie rückstandslos und mit wenigen Handgriffen vom Glas. Dies macht eine aufwendige Endreinigung in vielen Fällen überflüssig.
Wünschen Sie professionelle Unterstützung beim Anbringen der Scratchless-Schutzfolie, sind Sie bei uns genau richtig. Wir übernehmen für Sie auf Wunsch die Montage und beraten Sie rund um unser Produkt. So erhalten Sie einen Komplettservice aus erfahrener Hand.

Fensterschutz von Scratchless

Perfect protection

Optimum protection of windows from scratches, sparks and concrete

Easy Installation

Easy installation and easy removal

Over 25 Years Of Experience

Scratchless has been in use for over 25 years


Scratchless is Eco-construction certified and is based on water


Thanks to transparent protection, daylight is retained in the rooms


The film does not lead to any unpleasant smells

Innovative liquid film

Scratchless 6500 is a water based liquid film. With Scratchless 6500 you protect smooth surfaces from external influences. The product is applied in liquid form to the area to be protected.

After approx. 60 min, the liquid is cured and protects against scratches, paint, plaster and fire damage such as sparks. As soon as you no longer need the protection, Scratchless 6500 can be easily removed. Simply moisten the surface with water, allow to react briefly and remove completely without residue.

Eimer mit Flüssigfolie Scratchless 6500
Free Live demonstration

Scratchless is a liquid plastic film that is applied with a Roller on window glass. After 60 minutes, the protective film is dried and protects reliably against scratches, sparks, paint, plaster, or concrete.

Bauleiter und Bauherren

For builders, architects and site managers

Builders, architects or building suppliers are likely to be well acquainted with problems of glass scratches and other damage from everyday life. That is why our special and innovative liquid film is aimed primarily at these target groups. With the additional protection, you avoid window scratches including the corresponding consequences, for example by replacing the windows.

Appointments with the insurance company or discussions with parties involved cost a lot of time, energy and ultimately money, without often leading to the desired result. With our film you avoid these complications and the entire effort. Thus, the investment in our protective film pays off twice for you.

Easy Installation

Damage to glass surfaces during construction is a thing of the past with our innovative liquid film. You save a lot of money, hassle and benefit from other advantages. These include, among other things, particularly easy cleaning of the glass.

Up to 90 percent less glass damage, such as window scratches, and thus significantly lower renovation or replacement costs speak for the use of our protective film.The film is suitable for all insulating glass and other smooth surfaces. The important features of the window protection include easy installation and residue-free removal.

By the way, our film is environmentally friendly, because it is based on water. This is also shown by the eco bau certification. Nevertheless, the glass protection surprises with a favorable purchase price, so it is easy to realize within the budget.

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